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Product Information


Advanced Energy Jewelry

The Vivi-Bolt

Symbols govern our lives. Whether it is numbers, images or the pieces of our alphabet – we live by symbols. At SA we believe that the Ancients or Futurians (whichever one most resonates) have a pertinent message. A message of guidance towards harmony, conscious co-creation, oneness, all preserved throughout the ages in the secrets of the Runes. As such, millennia of dogma surround these gems of information, yet every ancient culture reveres them. Each holds a piece to a universal picture of empowerment and light.

A growing awareness is bringing into focus the origins and true nature of Rune symbols dispelling the stigmas that have laden esoteric Miasms upon Rune lore.

SA honors this awakening while strengthening the authentic nature of Rune revival in the form of Vivi-Glyphs. An offering of powerful imagery imbued with elemental geometric enhancements.

Integrated into all Vivi-Glyph designs are the correct angles, lengths and details essential for transmuting the harmful ambient waveforms that exist in our environment clouding our focus. Many intricate calculations are made possible through modern CAD development practices and enable each Vivi-Glyph to precisely harmonize with a chosen frequency within 432 Hz tuning.

All life’s potentials since the origin of the ancients are aligned using these foundational symbols in a balanced expression of Sacred Geometry. Each piece works with the individual’s Bio-Field, harmonizing this multi-layered energy band that extends from the physical body. This soothes the endocrine system while providing healthy DNA support, essential to the retention of Gold Energy within the Human ORMUS Vessel.

While every Vivi-Glyph generates extremely powerful stand alone fields when worn individually, they are in perfect harmony with the SaRa Key and when used together establish ever clearer energy fields of awareness.
It is through this steadfast commitment to the design precepts of the ancients, that all SA offerings advance higher levels of energetic development while aligning the original human soul blue print as ONE.

**Photo Credit to Shannon Eli Photography


Product Description


“Live From Your H.E.A.R.T




DO YOU LIVE FROM YOUR H.E.A.R.T (Honest.Empowered.Authentic.Real.Truth)?…..

I’m so excited by the response of customers experiences with our products.
How they LOVE wearing jewelry that looks cool AND is energetically interactive, positively effecting how they feel. That they are getting more connected to Spirit, themselves & their heart…..with more grounded awareness of who they are & how to be more compassionate & heart open in a world with so much stress.
We know everything is energy & has a resonant frequency…..what if the jewelry you wear had technology, science based geometry, that created a positive energy around your heart?
Well, to show our gratitude & appreciation from our hearts…..

NOW GET 20% OFF AND BE FEATURED ON OUR “Live From Your H.E.A.R.T” Campaign.
(*with the purchase of a Vivi-Glyph or SaRa Key)

If you would like to be the proud new owner of a Sovereign Alliance ‘Advanced Energy Jewelry’ piece (Vivi-Glyph or SaRa Key) & be featured on one of our uniquely personalized campaigns,

1. Purchase your favorite Sovereign Alliance piece
Use Promo Code: #LiveFromYourHEART to get 20% off
…..& after it arrives
2. Snap a a selfie of you wearing your new Sa-Ra Key or Vivi-Bolt  & email it to us at info.sovereignalliance@gmail.com

3. Include a brief testimonial of how the jewelry made you feel & why you choose to live from your H.E.A.R.T.
4. Remember to state your name & occupation – So we can let the world know who you are.

Your personalized campaign portrait will be posted on our website & social media sites.

(If you already are the proud owner of a Sovereign Alliance piece, email us at  info.sovereignalliance@gmail.com with the information above & get featured NOW)

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Additional Information


Polished Brass, Sterling Silver

Returns & Delivery
Returns and Exchanges

There are a few important things to keep in mind when returning a product you purchased.

  • You can return unwanted items by post within 30 working days of purchase.
  • Only items that have been purchased directly from Us.
  • Please ensure that all items you are returning arrive in the same condition, repackaged with all included elements.
Ship your item back to Us

Firstly Print and return this form to:
Sovereign Alliance LLC
10061 Riverside Dr. #461
North Hollywood, CA 91602, USA

Please remember to ensure that the item you are returning is repackaged with all undamaged elements.

Allow up to 7 to 14 business days for delivery. Packages are sent with signature request to ensure proper delivery.
Please be advised that standard shipping rates are included in the final processing of your payment.
It is important to note that international shipping rates are extra & will be calculated & charged separately.

For more information, view our full Returns and Exchanges information.

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