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Sa-Ra Key – The Modern Ankh

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Sa-Ra Key – The Modern Ankh

“Key to Consciousness”


  • Chakra opening & alignment
  • 432hz Universal Frequency
  • Higher states of Conscious Awareness
  • Light Body Activation
  • Angelic/Spiritual Protection
  • EMF Transmutation
  • Crystal Cleanser
  • Central & Parasympathetic Nervous System Stimulation
  • Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance


Time, frequency, motion and harmonics are the foundational principles of Sovereign Alliance science and thus integral to the Sa-Ra Key design.

As functional “Frequencial Art” the Sa-Ra Key is the conduit of the Universal Consciousness Archives. It effectively is a Coupled Harmonic Oscillator that embodies the physical and geometric configuration of the system from which Etheric energy is drawn.

Since everything is energy running at different frequencies, one could say that all existence is a symphony with every element playing a key note. When an instrument goes out of tune or “off key” the entire performance is thrown out of balance. This is due to the concept of Coupled Harmonic Oscillation. Like a row of violins all playing in unison, the volume is naturally higher. So too with, we as Humans, the focus should be towards center or Source – to be in sync with all things.

The challenge, as we know, is to stay in sync in a world that seems determined to keep us off or out of balance. This quest for centering is what prompted the creation of the Sa-Ra Key, pronounced Sa (the protection symbol of the infinite)

Ra (the power of the sun) – Key (Consciousness that fits no lock yet opens many doors).

Beginning with what has come to be known as the Sun tone of A=423hz as a scaffold for design, the Sa-Ra Key comes into precise harmony with the Universe. Frequencies are converted to dimensional lengths and engineered into a design of very exacting tolerances. Each angle and element correlates to the Chakras as well as specific planetary resonance forming the foundation of strength within the bodies energy system.

Building upon this foundation are features that stimulate natural cellular growth, neutralize Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) transmissions and induce positive beneficial qualities into the body’s hydration state.

The Sa-Ra Key is the conduit of Universal awareness, aligning & balancing the Chakras while threading together creating an energetic backbone, revitalizing the energy body.

The geometric integrity creates an instant calming & stimulating of the Central Nervous and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, activating them with the intention to align the Light Body to its original Soul Blueprint by adjusting the physical body to its optimum vibrational level.

Thus, Conscious Awareness is enhanced as mind and body function in harmony through a balance of ones Devine Feminine and Devine Masculine energies.

               The DYNAMIC PYRAMID ANGLE51º 51”Pyramid Life Force Energy. Preservation frequencies activate intercellular communication & increase Telomere activity to enhance the DNA structure. When the body’s cells open to process more information from the given light spectrum, they become stronger, more protected, more rejuvenated & receptive.

The ANKH HEALING CHAMBERSymbol of Life and Healing. Said to give & sustain life & bestow immortality on anyone who possesses it. Serving as a conduit for the divine power of life that sustains the universe, it is believed that the energy emanating from the Ankh will be absorbed by anyone within a certain proximity. The geometry of the healing chamber provides the owner with protection from the degenerative forces of decay while bestowing a natural domain of wellness.

The WADJ & DJED – The symbol combination represents the Sacred Divine Masculine and Feminine balance. The Wadj represents renewal & fertility & stands for health & prosperity as derived from Sacred Feminine wisdom. Embodying the image of a pregnant woman, this can also be translated as bringing something to life or gestating a new course of being

The Djed as the backbone of Osiris is the mirrored reflection to the Feminine, representing stability & balance as derived from Sacred Masculine wisdom.

It is imperative that understanding that the afterlife, the underworld, & the dead are equally important in this reflection, for out of which it is there that a resurrection can take place.

The FOUR DISCS OF THE DJEDThe Four Pillars of Heaven.

In resonance with the orbits & potential of Earth, Venus & Mercury, the key planets associated with the three Pyramids of Egypt, it is the perfect angle between Heaven & Earth.

Aligning the physical & spiritual body with planetary shifts helps to stabilize through these changing times. The Djed was said to be necessary in aiding the transformational metamorphosis of the physical body into its spiritual manifestation of light & consciousness.

Along the edges of each ring is a distinct indentation pattern creating the 5D Cosmic Codex.

5 Angelic Protection gateway that maintains a spiritually secure and tranquil space. 7Gateway or Portal, opening the field of consciousness. 9Transmutation of detrimental elements inherent to artificial waveforms. 11Transmutation of detrimental energy fields suspended in water.

The VESICA PISCISThe fundamental geometry from which the Flower of Life emerges. Symbol of two identical circles with the same radius representing the equality of Feminine & Masculine; the basis for understand balance in all things, our yin & yang & our duality. A center oval is then formed, depicting the eye of God, the foundation of creation, the singularity of source.

The CHAKRAS – Threading together the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, 3rd Eye & Crown (432hz) Chakras while integrating them through a properly balanced Kundalini awakening.

The ANGLE of FLUTE INCLINATIONStimulates the Circulatory and Lymphatic systems to maintain proper blood flow and distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

The INTERIOR CHAMBERHeliocentric, the origin relating to the Sun. Inside the dimensional chamber houses what we call “Meta-Voltaic” crystals, which integrate the resonance of 19 influential gems & crystals like Moldavite & Amethyst. This Meta-Voltaic matrix creates a strong bond, a synchronistic grid linking all Sa-Ra Keys.

Similar to the accessible Universal Conscious Archives, every owner of the Key can access this circuit that is formed around the Key opening higher states of Awareness. As the Sa-Ra Key creates its own archive, it projects a field around it’s owner that positively influences those around them. Studies have shown the field of influence to average upwards of 250 ft from one Key that grows exponentially with multiples.



Q: What can I expect to experience with the SaRa Key?

A: Each person has different experiences. The SaRa Key is a tool that stimulates the areas within the Bio-Field which need strengthening, thus sensations in different areas of the body show up. It also has a tendency to effect ones emotions &  dream space as the subconscious begins to transmute stagnant energy. You can read personal shares on our “Testimonials” page

Q: What is EMF?

A: Electromagnetic Frequency is detrimental vertical wave forms which negatively effect our bodies. Please see Zervana Hologram descriptions as well as our Blog for more information.

Q: What makes your products different from the others out there?

A: We take great pains to ensure the integrity & precision of our products effectiveness through the extensive education we have had in this area, while also continuing to study and research how we can improve our tools. We use highly efficient, state of the art technology in all of our development processes.

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